Malta Girl Guides

Malta Girl Guides

Women NGOs shocked

at the news of Salwa Bugaighis's murder


Ms Bugaighi's agenda was always to promote women rights in Libya. She was on the forefront to oust Gaddhafi of his power and was backing the rebels during the Arab Spring. Later, she accused the rebels for freezing-out women. The newspapers are reporting that attackers burst into her home in Benghazi, shot her and stabbed her. How sad!! She was always there to fight for human rights and all this happened on election day when Libyans were expected to exercise their right to vote in a democratic way. Libyans needed her at this stage - she was a ray of hope for all! She campaigned in favour of a quota for women in parliament, and for the right of women to choose whether to wear the hijab or not. Since the revolution erupted, we heard of many human-rights activists murders.

The Malta Girl Guides strongly condemn such a brutal act. We support human rights champions and she was definitely one!