Malta Girl Guides

Malta Girl Guides

Why Girl Guides?


We form part of a worldwide association of 10 million members, the largest association for females in the world, and has been for over 100 years.  

We are an association, specifically for Girls-Only - which means that we provide a place where girls can be themselves, and develop to their fullest potential, at their very own pace, while feeling safe and comfortable to speak out.

We are open to all girls and young women, and provide a unique educational programme which is value based, non-formal and adapts to each girls’ needs.

Through a varied programme full of activities and opportunities for everyone, we are able to help each and every girl develop:

Girl Guides is all about making new friends, building long-lasting friendships, challenging yourself, getting involved in your community, travelling, advocacy, team-work, and volunteering.

We give a girl the tools needed to become a responsible citizen, a quality leader and a confident woman so that she can reach her goals and stand up for what she believes in.