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Promise, Motto & Laws


I promise....


Once you get to know more about guiding, you are ready to make your promise! All Girl Guides and Girl Scouts around world make their promise. This is a promise to do our best in everything we do. It does not mean getting high marks in an exam, or coming first in a competition; it means trying your hardest to reach the very best of your ability. Here is the Girl Guide Promise:

 I promise that I will do my best,

To do my duty to God,

To serve my country,

To help other people

And to keep the Guide Laws.


The Promise Ceremony

This is recited during the Promise Ceremony. Your guider will decide when you are ready to make your promise. Then you decide together with the rest of the Girl Guide Coy (that what a  Girl Guides Unit is called) how you want to celebrate your Promise Ceremony. You can decide to wear your official or your camp uniform, you can decide to do it indoors or out door... you can even do it during a camping and include props such as a bridge... or even hold an activity such as a Promise Evening where you invite friends and family and put up a show. It's your choice and it is an endless choice.

During the Promise Ceremony, the Guider will ask you if you are ready to say your promise. After the promise is recited, you will, together with your guider, do the left-hand shake and salute. Your are then are asked to salute your Country flag as well as the WAGGGS World Flag.


Left-hand shake & Salute

Yes - We have a special hand-shake for us girl guides - We use our left hand to shake hands with sister guides to show that our handshake is truthful and from the heart- this is because our left hand is closest to our heart.

The Salute is a hand gesture that represents the three points of the promise: Duty to God, Serve your Country & other People, and keep the Guide laws.


Guide Laws

The Guide's Laws are laws that the guide must try to follow in everything she does and with everyone she meets.

A guide is loyal and can be trusted.

A Guide is helpful and considerate.

A guide makes good use of her time and abilities.

A guide is a friendly and shares in the sisterhood of guiding

A Guide is polite and respectful.

A guide protects the environment and respects all living things.



Girl Guides and Girl Scouts around the world have a Motto they share - It was first set by the founder of the Scouts Organization - Lord Baden Powell and also has his initials BP.

Be Prepared!

Through our programme, we learn to be prepared for what life has installed for us... we also learn to prepare for what might happen in these instances.