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Malta Girl Guides


World Trefoil and World Flag

The World Trefoil and the World Flag have many symbolic meanings. The Trefoil is the unifying symbol of WAGGGS. Every part has a meaning:

A white blaze in the lower, right-hand corner of the flag represents WAGGGS' commitment to peace; this is crowned by three golden blocks symbolizing the three-fold Promise. It is used at the World Centres, the World Bureau, WAGGGS' gatherings and by all Members Organizations on uniforms, and often as a unit flag.


The Motto

The Motto, "Be Prepared", shares the Founder's initials ‘Baden Powell' and is a practical reminder of the educational purposes of Girl Guiding / Girl Scouting.

The Good Turn

Each member states in their promise that they will do their best to serve their God, their country and others. The Good Turn symbolizes the service given by all members of the Movement to the community. Younger girls think of ways they can do a good turn every day, whilst older girls develop this further into service projects at local, national and international levels.

The Left Handshake

The Founder suggests a Left Handshake to recognize other members of the Movement, and it is still used widely. When asked to explain the origin, Baden-Powell related a legend told to him in West Africa: two hostile, neighbouring tribal groups decided to try to live together in peace, and so they flung down their shields, which were carried on the left arm, and advanced, unprotected, to greet each other with their left hands extended in trust and friendship.

 The Sign or Salute

In giving the Sign or Salute , Girl Guides / Girl Scouts raise three fingers of the right hand as a reminder of the three-fold Promise.

The Thinking Day Symbol

Thinking Day is celebrated by all members all over the world on the 22nd of February of every year. This is because the founder's birthday together with the birthday of his wife, World Chief Guide, were both on that same date. The Thinking Day Symbol was introduced in 1975. The World Trefoil in the centre represents the World Association, whilst arrows pointing towards it represent action and direction. The circular design represents the World of the Girl Guide / Girl Scout Movement. Celebrations give all girls guides and girl scouts the opportunity to connect with other sister guides around the world and learn more about them.