Malta Girl Guides

Malta Girl Guides

SOS Malta Erasmus Project

Stop the Violence Project


Last year the STV team were invited to present an overview of our project to a delegation from Hungary, Bulgaria and Romania as part of the Erasmus Project ‘Against School Aggression’.

Moria Catania & Joyce Schembri had attended the week conference organised by SOS Malta, our project was well received and participants showed interest in being trained.

So on Sunday 11th June, the STV team delivered a full day of training, to fifteen teachers including one male. The training started at 9.00am at MGG Pembroke Training Centre and finished at 5.00pm. Joyce, Stephanie, Moira and Rachel introduced the topic of the day, and implemented the WAGGGS Badge Curriculum

The participants were encouraged to discuss the workshops which were presented to them.  Due to a communication barrier as some were not fluent in English a participant had to translate at times.  We simplified our delivery of the program as much as possible, showing great interest as to what worked for Malta so they can do the same. We explained that everyone country had to adapt to its own needs. 

During our first coffee break we managed to discover more about our similarities and difference both in cultural as well as educational needs.  We opted to continue with more hands on activities

As part of the evaluation the participants were asked to work in teams to come up ideas as to how they would be implementing the badge curriculum within their respective schools. All participants gave a number of interesting approaches, and are now looking forward to train other teachers and implement the curriculum