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Rangers' Programme

A different route in your Guiding journey


If you have been a Girl Guide and experienced other sections throughout the years, you will notice that the Ranger Programme is very different from any other programme. This is because through your Ranger Journey, you and your ranger friends are the main planners of your programme; the leader will be your facilitator and mentor.

Forming a Committee

The Guide & Scouting Method

The 8-point Programme & 6 areas of development 

Progressive Targets

Programme Badges

The International Award


Forming a Committee

At the beginning of each guiding year, together with your ranger unit, you will delegate roles for the upcoming guiding year; that is, you will appoint a committee that includes a chairperson, a secretary, a treasurer and a public relations officer. Your leader will help you identify the duties for each committee member and you can rotate as ofthen as you wish, always deciding as a team.


The Guide & Scouting Method

These methods help achieve the six areas of development. They are the principle by which all guiding and scouting units operate and are all fundementals defined by of our founders.

The promise and Law

These are shared by every member of the Association and are seen as a guideline on how to act towards each other and how to live up to the movement's principles.

Patrol Systems

In their local units, all members are assigned a patrol in which they work together as a team. This helps make them more comfortable and familiar and teaches the girls how to be part of a team. It also gives an opportunity to the members to be patrol leaders and learn to be responsible for others while always keeping your individuality.

Learning by Doing

Being a Girl Guide is full of activities and challenges where members are hands-on. Girls and young women become skilled at what they do by doing it themselves.

Progressive Self-development

In guiding, members are encouraged to reach their fullest potential at their own pace. Learning to make your own decisions, being responsible and self-learning in different levels; are all part of a person developing personally and at a speed they feel comfortable and ready to work at.


This draws together everything that identifies and represents guiding. Be it our uniform, slogans, songs or rituals; they all make the association what it is and separates it from any other organization in the world.

Active co-operation between youth and adults

A leader is not there to tell people what to do, she is purely a caring eye and a guide to reaching your potential. Apart from being the back bone of the organization, the adults help give examples and built a path to reaching this potential. Being part of the team rather than the leader is very important as this influences girls and young women to look up to their leader and aspire to reach the desired goals.

Outdoor activities

Nature is the classroom for girls and young women in the Girl Guide Association. Members are encourages to appreciate the outdoors, preserve it and as a rule we always make sure to the leave the world a better place than we found it.

Service in the community

Girl Guides do their best to contribute to positive change in the community. By doing so, young people are more familiar with the world around them and are able and willing to help in any way they can.

The International Experience

A movement which is worldwide provides our members with opportunities and experiences to form part of 10 million girls and young women globally.


The 8-point programme & 6 Areas of Personal Development

The programme will help you create a programme which is fun while at the same time make sure that you are learning new things and challenging yourself during every meeting or activity. Below you can see the points that fall under the programme; remember that for each point, we have badges that we can work on individually or as a group. You can find the badges on the front page of the Ranger Section of the webiste, and you can ask your leader for more information on each badge.

Six areas of personal development

Each part of the eight points incorporates six areas of personal development. So for every theme that we base our meetings and activities on, we aim at developing the girls' six areas of personal development.


Progressive Targets

Progressive Target badges are proof that you have been through the guiding method, have been exposed to all 8-points from our programme and have progressed in all six areas of development.

These badges are earned one per year and should be awarded at the end of the guiding year.

The Bronze Star is given to rangers aged between 13-14 years and are awarded at the end of your first year as Ranger.

The Silver Star is given to rangers aged between 14-15 years and are awarded at the end of the second year as Ranger.

The Gold Star is given to rangers aged between 15-16 years and are awarded at the end of the third year as Ranger.

These metal pins are worn on the right shoulder epaulette of your official uniform shirt.


Programme Badges

Environment Badges



Mind & Spirit



Local & International Guiding

Culture & Heritage


The International Award

The ranger programme itself gives the possibility for you to work on the International Award too.