Malta Girl Guides

Malta Girl Guides

Prayers, Songs and more


As Brownies, we also have some special songs and prayers that are especially for us Brownies

At the beginning of our meeting, the Guider will ask us to say a prayer, we can choose to say our own prayer, or sometimes we use this special prayer that is especially for Brownies - The Brownie  Guides Prayer:


Dear Father in Heaven,

We know we are your Children

We want to Serve you Faithfully:

Help us to listen to your voice;

Help us to be Willing and Quick to do Your Work

and Help us to Thank You Everyday

For All Yours Gifts to Us



After our prayer, we sometimes play a fun game, we can sometimes also sing a song or two - How about The Brownie Song? This song is usually sung at the beginning of a meeting and is done in a Brownie Ring. Two Brownies are chosen to hold hands and make a bridge in the middle while a ring of Brownies sing the Brownie Guide Song and pass under the Bridge. This is repeated until all the brownies have passed under the bridge and are back in their place.


We're Brownie Guides

We're Brownie Guides

We're here to lend a hand

To love our God

And serve our Country

And help our homes and lands.

We've Brownie friends

We've Brownie friends

In North, South, East and West.

We're joined together in our wish

To try to do our best.


At the end of a meeting or activity, we always sing the Brownies Bells - This is also a small prayer to end our meeting.


Oh Lord Our God

Thy Children Call

Grant Us Thy Peace

And Bless Us All