Malta Girl Guides

Malta Girl Guides

Patrol System

In their local units, all members are assigned a patrol in which they work together as a team. This helps make them more comfortable and familiar and teaches the girls how to be part of a team. It also gives an opportunity to the members to be patrol leaders and learn to be responsible for others while always keeping your individuality.


The patrols of the Dolphins section are based on the Malta Girl Guides Association Dolphins story, written in Maltese, called: ‘Il- Habib il-Gdid’ (‘The new friend’). A story written by Nathalie Portelli and Mark Anthony Vella based on a group of underwater friends who live between the Maltese Islands. The names of the patrols are based on a variety of the sea creatures you would find in the story. See the badges here.


The Brownies also have a story written by Nathalie Portelli and Mark Anthony Vella. This time, the Brownie story is based on a group of animal friends that live in Buskett Forest in Malta and work together to help their friend get out of a tough spot. The groups or nests for the patrol system with regards to brownies are taken from this story and can be seen in the respective badges section. 

Guides and Rangers

These two sections are based on the Flora and Fauna of our islands. Guides and Rangers do not have a story to back up these chosen topics because the young women are now older and can discover them with an adventurous programme that takes them all around the island to see the island and its nature first hand.