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Malta Girl Guides

Our Uniforms

Our Uniforms

The guiding uniform is what separates the organization from any other. The uniform is a symbol that shows a person is a member of the Malta Girl Guides. Those who wear the uniform are instantly recognized as being part of the association and having a uniform also promotes equality between all members.

Guiding uniforms vary highly from one country to another and their design is often influenced by culture, climates and the activities undertaken. They are often adorned with badges indicating a Guide's achievements and responsibilities.


The present uniform of the Malta Girl Guides 



Our present official uniform is more vibrant and colourful but most of all more practical. All members of the association have the same colour uniform shirt and bottoms with the difference that the different sections wear different types of bottoms.


Dolphins, Brownies and Guides wear the green shirt with a skorts type of bottom that looks like a skirt on the outside but is really a shorts underneath.  Their uniform also includes a brown belt with a matching pouch. 

Rangers wear the same shirt but have a very useful combat pants type of trousers with side pockets and leg pockets.

Young leaders and leaders have a smarter look with the green shirt and a pair of suit trousers. They also wear a golden coloured lanyard with a shiny silver whistle that is twisted around their unit or country scarf when wearing their official uniform. 

All sections also have their own camp uniform which they wear during informal activities and during their weekly meetings. These vary from shorts and t-shirts to trousers and tracksuits.

At all times, all members are to wear their unit scarf. Each unit has their own scarf with different colours and designs which set each unit apart from another and are used to instantly identify the locality they represent.