Malta Girl Guides

Malta Girl Guides

Our Lucky Convention

The 14th National Convention has come to a close... Raising the Bar!

On a very special Thinking Day Weekend, we closed yet another convention. Our 14th National Convention in 2014 - a very special Convention indeed. A theme was chosen 'Raising the Bar' - training for our adult volunteers to both raise the bar, for personal development as well as development in their Guiding life.

Our weekend started off with a joint celebration between the Malta Girl Guides Association and the Scouts of Malta - to celebrate Thinking Day and Founders day. A fun evening indeed. 

The Saturday, Thinking Day, followed with leaders choosing different training tracks, suited to their needs and preferences. From Warrant Training for our young leaders, to event planning and leadership for warranted leaders. 

Sunday closed off with a Car Treasurehunt for all our leaders. 

A convention to remember... until next time!