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Malta Girl Guides

New training premises

for our Girls


Click on the link below to read the newspaper coverage of the Official Opening of the Premises, which took place on the 27th of October 2012.


Our attempts to having a North District Training Centre go back over 12 years ago, when the former North District Commissioner Tessie Saliba together with her then assistant Edwina Barthet dreamt of setting up a Training Centre for the North District. Through their everlasting perseverence, we now managed to lead to the big day, Tuesday 17th July 2012 when our Chief Commissioner Marjoe Abela signed the contract on behalf of the North District Girl Guides.

This long awaited “home” which is found in the village of Pembroke, will be the right tool for us to improve the service we give to our members and our community. This building is projected to be the base where both are girls and leaders can be able to reach their fullest potential. We are projecting these quarters to serve as a training venue to help our leaders enhance their leadership skills so that they can meet the challenges that our girls are presenting to us as an Association. It will also and surely be used by our young members since this venue will be able to host units to organize events such as sleep overs, live inns etc …. This building will be their home!

A lot of work still needs to be done to get this project finalized so that we can start reaping the fruit of all the effort invested in obtaining this dream. This achievement is surely a milestone not only for the North District but also for the Malta Girl Guides since such a venue will be there for the use of all our members.

Let us all look forward to get this project finalized whilst we thank all those who believed in this project and supported our work. We will surely keep you posted with any further updates which will hopefully lead us to have the place officially opened soon.

“Nothing great has ever been achieved without much enduring”, St.Catherine of Siena