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Malta Girl Guides

Moving up a section


As an Association, both nationally and internationally, offer a programme that is divided according to age as well as ability. With every milestone a member arrives at, we are always ready to provide new challenges and goals. Moving up from one section to the other does just that.

Moving up to a new and older section brings with it new challenges, new adventures and even more friends. But when do our members move from one section to the next, and how does this happen?


When do we move up a section?

Our members are grouped into 4 main sections, that is, Dolphins, Brownies, Guides and Rangers.

Dolphins start from aged 5, or almost 5, and move on to become Brownies when they are 7

Brownies move on to become Guides at the age of 10

Guides move on to become Rangers at the age of 13

At the age of 16, our Rangers have the option of becoming Senior Rangers, and/or start working towards acquiring their Warrant through a Young Leadership programme.

Ages may vary depending on the girl or young woman’s development and can be extended for another year if the member feels more comfortable to do so.


A smooth transition

Girls from the younger section may choose to attend a few meetings/events with the older section to start getting acquainted with their soon-to-be new group members. This is done at the decision of the leader, parent and the member’s combined decision and only when the girl or young woman feels comfortable doing so.


Link Badge

Each girl that transitions from one section to the next is awarded her Link Badge. It is then and only then that a member can be awarded this badge and when all four parts are joined, it forms a complete circle to commemorate that member's Guiding Journey.

It is possible that if a member does not attend all four sections during her journey, part of the circle is left empty.


Flyover Ceremony

As a tradition, we organize a transition ceremony which is planned at the discretion of the local unit. During the Flyover Ceremony, leaders and members bid farewell to those members who are moving up a section through a send-off, and new leaders and members of the older section welcome their new friends.

The Ceremony itself represents the achievement that a girl or young woman has made and that she is ready for new challenges and adventures.