Malta Girl Guides

Malta Girl Guides

Moving to a new Area


Moving to a new area in Malta

Are you moving to a new area? All you need to do is inform the current leader/s of your move and ask for guidance on how to make contact with a new group.  Another option would be to contact the individual unit through our contact form, where one can find contact details of each unit around Malta.

Members moving from one locality to the other should collect the transfer form/record card from the current leader, to present to the new leader. 



Are you moving abroad but would like to remain part of the Guiding family?

There are 145 countries who are part of the Girl Guides family - we are sure you will fit right in with your sister guides abroad. It is possible to form part of a Guides unit abroad, even if it is for a short period such as a couple of months or more. 

You can find almost all contact details of the different countries through the WAGGGS website by clicking here and choosing which country you would like contact details of. Can't find what you're looking for? Contact the International Commissioner on the email below.


Moving to Malta and would like to continue your Guiding journey here?

We look forward to welcoming new members, locally and from abroad! So if you are moving to Malta, for a short or long period, and would like to keep attending weekly meetings, or would like to volunteer at local or national level, please contact the International Commissioner on the email below.


Contact the Malta Girl Guides International commissioner on