Malta Girl Guides

Adult Volunteers, 18+

Adult Volunteer

Be part of a team, where you can help us reach out to more girls and young women. Whether it's just for a couple of hours, to a weekly meeting with a group of our members, we have the volunteering opportunity for you!


Volunteering with the Malta Girl Guides


The Malta Girl Guides is a leading non-profit NGO promoting the development of girls and young women in Malta. Choosing to volunteer with us means helping us reach out to more girls and women around the island.


Being a volunteer with the Malta Girl Guides comes with a great sense of belonging and accomplishment. We offer different opportunities, a space where you can learn new things and express yourself through your various talents and a fun way to get involved.


Who can volunteer?


If you are a young woman or woman over the age of 18, then you can volunteer with the Malta Girl Guides. We are flexible and can offer a mentor to help you. If you want to volunteer, we have various roles and ways in which you can do so at your own pace and to fit your own schedule.


At Local Level


Being a Leader or a Unit Helper to prepare and deliver the programme for girls and young women. You can even choose the section you prefer to work with:

  • Dolphins 4 – 7
  • Brownies 7-10
  • Guides 10 – 13
  • Rangers 13 – 16
  • Senior Rangers 16 +


Be part of the Communications Team


The communication team works at raising awareness about our Association through different aspects. You could write articles for our website, work on the editorial of our monthly newsletters, help us keep our social media up-to-date or create original promotional material.


Planning of Events


As an Association, we plan a number of events each Guiding year for our members. These can be either internal events for our members, or national events open to the general public. If you have a passion for planning, than you can be part of the planning team for one specific event, simply volunteering on the day of an event or help us be creative throughout the year.


Creativity through our Programme


You can also be part of the innovative team developing new badge curricula for girls of different ages.



If you are interested or would like more information, kindly contact our Island Secretary on or call on 9992 2888