Malta Girl Guides

Malta Girl Guides

Promise, Motto & Laws


The Brownie Promise

I promise to do my best:

To love my God

serve my Country

help and respect other people and all living things

and to keep the brownie guide law.


The Brownie Motto

Lend a Hand


The Brownie Law

A brownie thinks of others before herself, and does a good turn every day.


The Promise Ceremony


Are you Ready for your Promise?

When a Brownie knows more about what Girl Guiding is about, and knows more about what being a Brownies is, her guider can decide that a Brownie is ready to do her Promise. This is done during a Promise Ceremony.

A Brownie Pack can decide to celebrate a Promise Ceremony any way they like. They can wear their official uniform, they can wear their camp uniform - sometimes they also hold their Promise Ceremony during a Camping Trip.

But what happens during a Promise Ceremony?

During our Promise Ceremony, our Guider asks us if we are ready to make our promise... The brownies then say their promise and are asked to salute their Country and Girl Guides World Flag. The Guider then shakes our left hand and we salute eachother. She then puts our new Promise Pin on our uniform to wear whereever we go. This shows that we have made our promise to do our best.

Why do we use the Left Hand-Shake? 

When we shake hands with someone new, we use our right hand. But when we shake hands with someone who is a member of the Girl Guides or Girl Scouts Family, we shake hands with our left. The left hand shake is a special hand-shake for girl guides an girl scouts. We do this because the left hand is closest to your heart - so when you shake hands with your left it means "From my heart to your heart" and your handshake is true and sincere. 



How do I salute?



The three fingers remind us of the three parts of our promise: