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Phoebe Ciantar, a Guide with the Rabat Girl Guides tells us all about her experience at the President's Palace! (written at the end of October 2013)

A couple of  weeks ago, I was invited,  together with other members of the Malta Girl Guides, to attend the launch of the piggy banks campaign at the President’s Palace in San Anton.  At first, I didn’t want to go because it was during school hours and it was only the second week of this scholastic year.  However, after thinking about it for some time, I decided that this was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity not only to meet the President, but also to visit the palace.  Add to this, the president’s office was going to give out notes to be excused from school.

The day was Tuesday the 8th October.  It was raining heavily in the morning and I was worried that my grandma would not be able to take me from school to San Anton to join the other guides.  However by 9’oclock the bad weather had cleared and everything was going according to plan.  I was so excited.  I looked so smart in my guides uniform and I wore my badges and scarf proudly.  As soon as I arrived at the palace, I met my guider, Ms Analise Scicluna , who was there with other members of the Rabat Girl Guides.  Members of the Malta Girl Guides were invited because they helped in the cleaning and the sorting of the piggy banks.

We entered the palace.  At the palace there were guards, but also many photographers, who started taking lots of pictures.  It was interesting to see what goes on behind the scenes to the clips that are shown in the news on television.    The Heads of all the schools in Malta and Gozo were also present.  The president greeted us into a specially-decorated room.  His Excellency George Abela made a speech and thanked all those who helped in the piggy bank campaign.  Everyone clapped. 

The president also shook hands with all the members of the Rabat Girl Guides.  We as Girl Guides always shake hands with the left hand.  We do this because the left hand is the one nearest to the heart and so it is offered as a token of friendship.  I felt delighted that the president was acknowledging the work of the association I was representing.  Then refreshments were served whilst a choir sang lovely songs.  It was soon time to go back to school.  My mother picked me up and I told her all about my fantastic experience!