Malta Girl Guides

Malta Girl Guides

Patrol system & names

"Maltese Flora"


As you progress to the Guide section, you will gain leadership skills; this is encouraged through the patrol system. You will experience being part of a team, working together, leading and expressing yourself in your patrol as well as your unit.

What is a Patrol?

A patrol is a small group of about 6-8 compatible girls in your Guide section and who work together in cooperation.

What is the patrol System?

Is the way in which the patrol divides responsibility in the unit, its activities and the behaviour shared by you as guides. The patrol system gives you the opportunity to be active in your group, to be able to speak, be heard and help make decisions.

Patrol Names & Emblems

There are 8 Guide Patrol Emblems depicting Maltese flora.

4 Emblems depict Maltese flowers:

4 Emblems depict Maltese trees:

The Patrol Emblem is worn on the left pocket of shirt.