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Malta Girl Guides

Gieħ Jum Paola

Well done to our leader Josephine Pace for such an honour!

Every year, all the voluntary organisations in Paola are invited by the Local Council to nominate a person to be recognized for his/her work towards the local community, known as Gieħ Jum Paola.  Jum Paola is celebrated yearly in July and the leaders of the Paola Girl Guides felt it appropriate to nominate their fellow leader Josephine Pace for this recognition.

Josephine was nominated for her dedication, enthusiasm and care both towards the girls, leaders and the Paola community at large and as she is also considered as an excellent ambassador for the Paola Girl Guides.

The nomination was evaluated together with another 3 entries and was successful.

The event took place on 15 July starting off with a thanksgiving mass at the Paola Parish Church.  The girls - with flags and drums - from all the sections of the Paola Girl Guides led a small corteo to Gnien Pawlu Boffa in Paola which also houses the premises of the local council.  During the evening there were some speeches and band musicians playing separately and the award giving ceremony.  The evening was topped by some drinks in the open air to celebrate in style.

Josephine receiving the award from the Paola Mayor, Arch Roderick Spiteri, in the presence of other councillors.