Malta Girl Guides

Malta Girl Guides

Dolphins Badges

As you go through your Dolphin Journey, many new things await, and badges are one of them.


Progressive Badges

These badges are awarded to brownies along their Dolphin Journey; the blue dolphin is awarded for the first year of Dolphins, between the ages of 5 and 6, and the pink dolphin is awarded for the last year of dolphins, prior to moving on the brownies section!


Programme Badges

There are a number of badges that our Dolphins can work on. You can find the badges at the bottom of the Dolphin section page; all you need to do is choose a badge, and ask your leader for more information if you want to know more!




Mind & Spirit



Local & International Guiding

Culture & Heritage


Being a dolphin is fun - we hope you enjoy working on your badges as much as we do!

Working on your badges will help you achieve your Dolphin Swim Up Challenge; as you go through your Dolphin experience, you learn new things and become a strong Dolphin ready to swim up to the Brownies Section! :)