Malta Girl Guides

Dolphins, 4-7


Welcome to our Website! Are you between 4 and 7? Are you a Dolphin or would you like to be a Dolphin too? Then you are in the right place.

Here's what we get up to.

Our Dolphins play, sing, dance and have so much fun with our Dolphin Guide Friends.


We have a very cool story about the life of some of our friends under the sea, you can read it here. As you will see, we dolphins are very friendly and helpful.

We do a bit of everything; discover what we are good at and what our interests are. We are certain you will make many new friends and now we also have plenty of cool badges for you to try out with your leader and with your Dolphin group. Check them out below.

Once you join us, you are a real Dolphin when you make your promise; it’s very easy to remember!

The badges!

Being part of Dolphins means earning badges