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Malta Girl Guides

Being a Brownie

Here's a little more about being a Brownie...

After a girls gets to know more about being a Brownie, her Guider will prepare her for her Promise. This is so exciting because when the Brownie has her Promise Ceremony she makes a promise to do her best in everything she does. She also gets to wear a new metal badge on her uniform.

This is the Brownie Promise:


I promise that I will do my best:
To love my God,
To serve my country,
To help other people
To keep the Brownie Guide Law.



But what is the Brownie Guide Law? Every brownie must try and follow this law everyday - The law says that:


 A Brownie Guide thinks of others before herself and does a good turn every day

We even have a Motto - that is our favourite saying when we are a brownie is:

Land A Hand

This means that we must do our best to help others. Doing our best does not mean we are being competitive or getting full marks in an exam. Doing my Best is all about making an effort to do something to my best ability.

But How?

How about helping a friend with her homework, or helping a family member with the house chores or making sure to keep your room tidy or even making sure to tidy up after a picnic - these lhings all count as doing a good turn - it doesn't make a difference how small - it is always A good Turn