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An experience in Seville

Samantha Pace Gasan writes about her experience in Seville, Spain on Youth and EU Elections!



Seville, Spain. The city has so much to offer, and you can walk around the city and see most of it. I was impressed on how the flights on our way there were full of young people, mostly looking for some summer fun :)

But although we managed to see all the nice places and have plenty of fun ourselves, we were there to participate in a seminar, organised for young people from Malta, Spain, Romania & the United Kingdom. We were there to discuss the participation of young people in European elections. We discussed the main issues of why youths tend to avoid voting, such reasons were common for all the participating countries. Mostly youths lack trust in politicians, they feel that there is no communication with those in power. We barely see the politicians throughout the years, yet during election periods their faces are everywhere. Another issue was that there is lack of education in schools on politics and the EU, and therefore many would not know what they are voting for.

We also put forward some proposals, such as include a bit of political studies in schools, have the politicians attend in school conferences where they can not just promote themselves, but sincerely discuss relevant issues. One group suggested a visual portal where one can find his or her vote, hence making it possible for youths to feel that their vote really counts!

I learned a lot about the European Union, about other cultures and about the current situations of the people living in Romania, UK & Spain. But the best thing when attending to these kinds of seminars are the new friendships. I will cherish and respect the people I met during the 5 day stay in Seville, forever; they made the experience complete!

I would definitely recommend youths to apply for these seminars and also to visit Seville!

Buen dia! Adios!