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Malta Girl Guides

About the World Centres

An international experience to remember... apply now!

Have you had your first World Centre experience yet? Have you felt that magical sensation of being part of something inspiring, supportive and powerful, an international experience that enables you to grow and lead, to discover your potential and change the world?

The World Centres are located across the globe, from riverside to mountain top. Wherever they are, the World Centre experience remains the same. That’s what keeps Girl Guides and Girl Scouts coming back time after time, that unique combination of self development, learning and adventure, of leaving with more than you arrived with, including friendships from around the world, knowledge to make a difference and the skills to lead the way.

You will have access to workshops and training on global topics such as leadership, advocacy and community action or you can simply come as an independent guest. You will witness the amazing sights, sounds and people where each World Centre is based. You can visit for the day or stay for a week, or even volunteer for a month!

However you chose to visit your World Centres, your experience won’t finish at the end of your stay. You will return home with the confidence and skills to create change back home.

To be part of a World Centre experience is to be part of the history of Girl Guiding and Girl Scouting and is something every Girl Guide and Girl Scout should feel. And once you’ve been to one, you’ll want to see them all!

Start your World Centre story today...

For more information ask your international commissioner or log onto the WAGGGS website here!